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 The Timothy Lee Band.

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PostSubject: The Timothy Lee Band.   Mon Jul 28, 2008 8:42 am

So, I was lookin' around in daddy's record collection, when I saw the album "As Bad as This" by The Timothy Lee Band. The date it was released was 1972, and the picture of the band on the cover kind of reminded me of The Who, albiet a three-piece. Timothy Lee was on lead vocals and guitar, and there was a bassist and drummer, too. Yeah.

I popped the record into the old record player, and it was quite awesome. Kinda like a cross between The Who and early Deep Purple, only a million times better, with epic riffs, fills and soloage in every song. Timothy's vocals were great too. Like a young Roger Daltrey, only better.

The first track, "One More Night", is just *censor* epic. It's a 7:48 epic masterpiece that starts off as a ballad, but quickly turns into a jumble of awesome riffs and rockin' vocal lines, with drum fills thrown in for good measure. The bass line is cool, too. At around 4:36, the solo starts. Think "freebird", but way more awesome, shreddy and epic. And shorter. It reminds me off all those Southern Rock shred-fests, really. It all ends with the HUGEST *censor* ENDING I HAVE EVER *censor* HEARD santa

The rest of the album is great, too, but I can't be bothered to do what I did for the first track for 'em. Great riffage and soloage. Too awesome for GH or RB, 'cos they'd have to get a cover, which would ruin the entire song ;-;

Sadly, this album was a vinyl-only release, so I can't put the shit on YouTube. Also, The Timothy Lee Band will not be getting back together, because the drummer and bassist died in the early '80s.

The Timothy Lee Band discography:
"As Bad as This" (1972)
"All in a Day's Work" (1974)
"Show Me The Way" (1975)
"Havin' A Ball [Live]" (1976)
"Midnight Ride" (1979)
"Superstars" (1980)
"Back To Chicago [Live]" (1981)
"Kiss Your Ass Goodbye" (1983)
"Turn on the Night: The Best of The Timothy Lee Band" (1985)
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The Timothy Lee Band.
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