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 Need help with my band

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sammy hagar

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PostSubject: Need help with my band   Wed Jun 10, 2009 3:15 pm

okay...so im finally in a serious band with other skilled players, and im really excited, the background is myself on guitar, my friend austin on bass, his little brother on drums, and their cousin on vocals/piano, our drummer is just now turning into a freshman but hes gotten offers to come learn at Eastern Illinois college, our vocalist has a really nice voice and an operatic (and like opera operatic, not like bruce dickenson operatic) our bassist is pretty solid and knows his theory, and im the best guitarist at our highschool, and I just started lessons back up...basically I kneedz your help, we cant decide on a name at all and its not that big of deal now but we wanna play a gig at the end of summer and I wanted to get this sorted out...our ideas are,

Epsilon (A greek symbol)
Psychopomp (The medium between the living and dead worlds., Ex. the grim reaper)
Scholars of The False

We basically took influences from Rage Against The Machine, Classical Music, Opera, and Muse, we have Hyper Music, Minimum, and 2 originals down....and we really kneedz a name HALP ME PL0X!!!!!!!!!
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Tanner Feng
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PostSubject: Re: Need help with my band   Wed Jun 10, 2009 5:57 pm

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Need help with my band
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