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 As I lay dying guitarist bottled in the head >:O

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PostSubject: As I lay dying guitarist bottled in the head >:O   Sun Feb 24, 2008 9:17 pm

As I lay dying myspace bulletin wrote:
Sydney Bottle Throwing Incident

Hey everyone,

So last night I got hit in the head by an empty glass Maker's Mark bottle. While it did stun and disorient me, I am completely fine. Lucky for me the bottle was huge so it didn't break and I have no need for stitches. I'm sorry we had to stop our set but I was quite discombobulated for a good while, and more importantly the EMT dude wouldn't let me play because my head was bleeding quite a bit... or some sort of mumbo jumbo like that.

I am happy to say that aside from having a bulbous lump and cut on top of my skull, I'm in good health and feeling like a gladiator.

Thank you to everyone who has been expressing concern though, I really appreciate it : )


Whoever did that was a major asshole
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As I lay dying guitarist bottled in the head >:O
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