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  Make money with VerZing.Com

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PostSubject: Make money with VerZing.Com   Thu Sep 30, 2010 10:23 pm

Make money with VerZing.Com

Make money via Pay To Post with VerZing.Com . $0.04 (4 cent) per post (thread). Minimum payout: $1 via paypal

+ Minimum cashout request : $ 1
+ Request thread must be posted in Payout requests Section
+ No more than one request per day
+ All Payments will be made within 24-48 hours.
+ Post your Payment proof in Payment proof Section.
+ And use exactly box (categories) for each thread.
+ You can copy thread from anywhere on the internet.
+ Use English only
+Your post count will be reset when you request payment.
+Not count for Reply post
+Check Pay To Post box every weekend to know new rule update.
VerZing.Com/Forum F: Bonus:
If you copy and paste this thread to 10 different website (forum), you will get 10 cent for each post. First you must have a account on verzing.com then when you post this thread to 10 different website (forum) you must use the same username on VerZing.Com. When your are done with 10 post you can request the payout. ( note: you must post the list 10 url (link) of the 10 website (forum) you had post this thread .
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Make money with VerZing.Com
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