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PostSubject: RUNTIME ERROR RELEASE NEW ALBUM!   Wed Aug 05, 2009 3:23 pm

Source: Rolling Stone Magazine, August issue.

We haven’t heard anything from Runtime Error for a while, but now they seem to have exploded back onto the scene. Steve Lukather was left in charge of the band after a short term reunion of the original line-up ended after just a week. Not much has surfaced since, with only one album released (Runtime Error IV), to overall poor sales compared to the massive sales counts Runtime Error has become synonymous with. Over the last fortnight, though, the Runtime Error news has been appearing thick and fast here at Rolling Stone Towers; first we learnt that Steve Lukather had left, frustrated by the poor sales of REIV, and passed control of the band over to Brandon "Jinzo" Lehman, while moving on himself to form The Steve Lukather Orchestra.. Lehman got in touch with former bandmate Joey Consentino, Shredd & His Shredders frontman Antony “Shredd” Lusmore, and frontman of Alex & The Hartbreakers, Alex Hart, to form what has become known as “Runtime Error, Mark IV," a humorous jibe at the underperformance of the latest RE album. Fans are split about what effect the new line-up will have on “the Runtime Error sound”, but Consentino assured fans in a press release that their music would be something all old-school RE fans would love. I managed to get in touch with the band to ask them a few questions on this new age of Runtime Error.

How did you guys decide on the album title "Peace Cores"?
Joey Consentino (Lead Guitar, Vocals): Well, I was really hoping for "Awesomesauce" or "Images and Turds," but no one else would have it.
Brandon Lehman (Drums, Bass, Sax, Vocals, etc.): Actually, it was an album idea I had been joking around with before back in my days with Jinzo and His Masterminds, mocking JFK's Peace Corps program. But, seeing as [Jinzo and His Masterminds] didn't take off, I recommended it here, and the band seemed to really like it.
Antony Lusmore (Keyboards, Glockenspiel, Accordion, Vocals): I, for one, was more than up for Images and Turds, but Brandon and Alex were pretty quick to shoot it down, going on about compyright issues, etc. Then Brandon came up with Peace Cores, and it just kinda caught on. The artwork ended up pretty great as well. Much better than the Images and Turds artwork Svart showed us to try and bring us round, but I won't go into that.

Are there any tracks on the album that you're particularly proud of?
JC: The whole album is pretty awesome. But track "Lazy Dude" has this jazzy, funky riff going on under a keyboard solo followed by a dueling bass solo. The whole song is about 11 minutes long.
BL: My favorite song on the album is definitely the title track, Peace Cores. I mean, I had written it a little under 40 years ago, and have been perfecting it ever since. It was about time I finally put it on an album. Anyway, in this one part of the song, we achieved a beautiful barbershop quartet sound. It was absolutely magnificent.
Alex Hart (Bass, Vocals): I was proud of the track that no one else liked called "Sunny" which was poppy, generic, and had 17 different breakdowns... but no one else liked it... I wonder why. Obviously it didn't make the album.
AL: Personally, I'm most proud of "Oh Dear God The Gates of Hell Have Opened Everyone Run For Your Lives". It was the first song we recorded together, so I felt I had a lot to prove to the guys, and it turned out brilliantly. There's a really apocalyptic sounding intro, and it develops into a really epic song. I'm extremely pleased with my keyboarding here, and Brandon's drumming is just sensational. The guitaring is by far the heaviest on the album too, Joey just went all out on it, and Alex's bassing ties the whole thing up. It’s a brilliant track.

Many fans of past Runtime Error are afraid that the new setup would take a new twist with the music. Have you guys tried to stay true to the classic Runtime Error roots, or have you taken a more radical approach?
AL: In fact, that was one of the most important things we wanted to focus on during the time spent making this record. We wanted to make sure we put out a record that would make all of Runtime's old fans come round, while trying to put something new in to keep it spiced up. I think the combination of the old school Runtimers and the newcomers of me and Alex really helped with that. I really think that any old Runtime fan who listens to this will realise we've kept true to the old line-ups, and they may even find something new that they enjoy too.
JC: But we has a keyboard. Fist-shake *Pauses* Oh wait…
AL: Yeah, but look at it this way. If we'd kept the layout exactly the same but with different guys, we probably would've been accused of trying too much to be the old Runtime Error. This way, we live up to the heights RE have reached in the past, while still keeping things new and fresh.

Are there any guest artists on this album, or is it purely a Runtime Error record?
JC: We have one song, I won't say the name of it. I will say it closes the album. It's a song I've been working on for awhile, ever since I first left RTE. It's the most progressive thing I've written, with about four movements. We have guests lined up through that whole song. I'm not going to name them either.
AH: Well Brokencyde, Lady Gaga and Soulja Boy were guest spots on that song "Sunny"... which APPARENTLY were more strikes against the song... I still don't know why it didn’t make the final cut...
BL:I'm getting old, and it makes it so hard to concentrate of more than one instrument at a time. So to make sure the drumming was above par (like normal), we brought in Bobby Keys to play saxophone with us. It felt good to play with him again, he and I go way back. Check out his sax throughout the song "I Dropped My Keys (Two Miles Back)," named after him, I may add.

How would you describe the sound in this album?

BL: Overall, there's less bluesy jamming compared to most Runtime Error....however the skillfulness in the solos and overall instrumentation has remained has high as ever.

Thanks for your time.
JC: You're welcome
BL: Yeah
AH: Totally
AL: Can we get some food now?

Between the time of this interview, and the article’s publish date, the album art and tracklist was leaked to us here at the Rolling Stone, and we can provide it for you now:

1. Oh Dear God The Gates of Hell Have Opened Everyone Run For Your Lives 12:27
2. Hiding Place 3:46
3. 143/46 3:42
4. Wrong... Again 1:59
5. Hypercomplex 4:09
6. The Twilight Convention Experience 2:32
7. Oxy Clean Moron 2:10
8. Lazy Dude, 11:23
9. You Like em' Chunky 4:34
10. I Dropped My Keys (Two Miles Back) 8:47
11. Peace Cores 6:23
12. Dead Man Walking, 24:30

• Birth [0:00-2:45]
• Journey [2:46-12:34]
• Hero [12:35-18:46]
• Death [18:47-24:30]

Since the interview, we also discovered that the band is planning to release "Peace Cores" as a single ("You Like 'Em Chunky" B-side).


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