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 The Button underneath the video of the week...

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PostSubject: The Button underneath the video of the week...   Mon Jun 08, 2009 9:12 am

Some of you will notice the addition of a "Thumb This Up" button on the front page. It is a button from a site called StumbleUpon If you are unaware of StumbleUpon, it is a site which lets you download a toolbar, with which you get taken to a random site on the internet. Upon signing up, you get to choose from a selection of categories as to what interests you, and these are all considered every time you use the Stumble feature. I, for example, have got Animation, Video Games, Music, Musical Instruments, and Movies amongst others in my interests, so when I use the toolbar I get
anything from flash games to novelty guitars to music tabs.

You can rate any site on the internet, and if you rate one that hasn't already been rated, you get to upload it to the Stumble list, meaning other people could stumble upon it. I've recently uploaded Teh Forum, and have now been given HTML codes for buttons that can be put on here. I've put the button up, and the more people who thumb this site up, the more likely people are to Stumble onto this site, possibly getting us a couple new members. So please, thumb this site up and give Teh Forum another way of getting its name out there.

Very Happy

You can get the Stumble toolbar here, and if there is any error with the button for you, let me know and I'll try to sort it. You can also submit a review upon thumbing this site up. If you get the toolbar, you can thumb it up straight from there.


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The Button underneath the video of the week...
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