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 Eifion Lewis - The Revenge of It

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PostSubject: Eifion Lewis - The Revenge of It   Fri Jan 02, 2009 7:16 am

Jean-Luc: Congratulations on a fine album! In the lead up or approach to this album, what were you looking to do?
Eif: In my approach to my first solo album, I wanted to introduce myself as a singer/songwriter and still keep interesting and heavy guitar throughout.

Jean-Luc: How long were you writing for the record?
Eif: The songs were written mostly a few minutes before I began recording, but there are some old favorites of mine too.

Jean-Luc: How long did it take to record?
Eif: The album was recorded in 3 days.

Jean-Luc: I see you enlisted the help of Mark Parker. Are you two buddies?
Eif: Mark Parker is a very good friend of mine! We worked very hard together while recording and still had lots of fun.

Jean-Luc: So how do you like the outcome?
Eif: I am very happy with both the recording experience and the finished product.

Jean-Luc: I know of your love of Coil, and there is certainly influences of them the record, but I thought the record may have been a more ambient feel. I was actually pleasantly surprised at how rocking the album was!
Eif: I am very influenced by Coil and much of the music from the 70s
and 80s. I am glad that you liked my direction on the record. Most of
the time I prefer to rock!

Jean-Luc: Your vocals are sounding great. Were you nervous to sing, and be featured on the whole album?
Eif: no

Jean-Luc: Tell me about some of your favourite tracks on the album. I love the first 4 especially.
Eif: I like the first songs on the album too. I like "Miss Smoke On The Water" because it is up tempo and has lots of different drum beats. Plus, the electric 1 string is always fun to play. I like "Fine Wine Time" because it has lots of tom-toms. I also like the lyrics and the vocal harmonies.
"Mauritanian Spoon" was written a few years ago, and after doing several demos, I finally found the right key and arrangement for the album. "River Of Mediocrity" is the only track with me playing theremin. Plus, it has
big heavy guitars and a surprise rockabilly solo! I think my other favorite is "The Ghost Of It". It sounds live to me even though the parts were over dubbed.

Jean-Luc: And I hear there is going to be a US release of the album shortly.
Eif: Yeah, "The Revenge of It" should be released in the US on January 23.

Jean-Luc: So how did you enjoy the ride with Runtime Error?
Eif: Runtime Error was incredible! I was able to tour all over the world and make some records that I am really happy with. Everybody in the band is an incredible musician!

Jean-Luc: Poland has been the first release point for most Runtime Error albums, and your solo record - how have you found the Polish and their dedication to hard rock and to Runtime Error?
Eif: I feel very lucky to have people listen to my music ANYWHERE! I'm not
sure why, but there are a lot of people in Poland who like my music. This
is fantastic for me because I love Polish food and Polish people. It is a long way to travel and I wish I could do more touring in Australia, Oman, Kuwait and anywhere they will let me in!

Jean-Luc: I have to ask this! Do you have any control over the amount of live albums released in Poland, or is that purely a label decision?
Eif: We do have a lot of live albums! We usually put a live album out while
we are touring since we don't have time in the studio. Plus, Runtime Error is best live!

Jean-Luc: The song "Don't Leave Me Babe" is written and sung by yourself, can you tell me a little about the lyrics? The first verse seemed to be applicable to the last question.
Eif: no

Jean-Luc: Okay, on the lighter side, have you been talking to the guys lately? What are they up to?
Eif: I haven't seen the other guys lately, but I live in Greenland
and they live in the US.

Jean-Luc:: Do you have a favourite Runtime Error gig?
Eif: yes

Jean-Luc: And a favourite Runtime Error song?
Eif: My favorite Runtime Error song is probably "Woo Woo Woo Police Car Coming Run Hide"

Jean-Luc: So where to from here Eifion?
Eif: *shrug*

Jean-Luc: Damn! No rest for the wicked! Thanks Eifion for taking the time out to answer some questions.
Eif: Thank you again for listening to my music and I hope I answered your
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Eifion Lewis - The Revenge of It
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