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Good night, sweet prince, and may a flight of angels sing thee to thy rest.
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this guy

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Class: this guy
Weapon: shoe
Mount: broom broom car

PostSubject: Leaving   Wed Dec 24, 2008 7:17 am

Well I have come to realize that

Most of you don't like me and quite frankly I don't like you guys either

So I'm done wasting my time on this stupid forum

Sorry Cow and Stevo

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Purple Demon
sonic herooooooooooes
Purple Demon

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PostSubject: Re: Leaving   Wed Dec 24, 2008 7:23 am

You should really learn the difference between not liking you and having different opinions. I don't not like you at all. You just need to learn to accept other peoples opinions.

But people have opinions elsewhere, too.


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Gear Me Up
hey dude what're you doing in my break room
Gear Me Up

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Class: Elvis Impersonator
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PostSubject: Re: Leaving   Wed Dec 24, 2008 7:26 am

Wait, wait, wait... you think none of us like you... because we like Slave to the Grind... and you don't...

Uh huh...

Today I step into a new world,
old memories to you I bid farewell.
Today I come out of my shell,
hidden pain and dismal thoughts farewell.
Today a fresh hope I have felt,
to you unfulfilled dreams farewell.
Today I am born new you can tell,
my past to you I bid farewell.

Farewell, old friend gay