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 Lost Jake Adjutant album found ;-;

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PostSubject: Lost Jake Adjutant album found ;-;   Thu Dec 18, 2008 1:22 pm

Whilst looking for his other lost album, Pitiful Attempt to be as Metal as Jethro Tull, 's master tracks, Jake Adjutant an album he's recorded a few weeks after PATBAMAJT, Oral Thermometer.
"Yeah, it's a good album and all... but it's certainly no Pitiful Attempt," says Adjutant, "I loved the songs 'Swimming in a Puddle' and 'Wet Sock Rock', and the rest of the album's solid, as well, but Pitiful Attempt was just better. I'd rerecord it, but I don't remember half the songs, and, well, I'm still sick."
"I love this record, maybe even more than Pitiful Attempt," says bassist Cactus, "I actually got some great songs writen all by my lonesome. I had honestly forgot about this album, but, hey. It's not my fault Jake couldn't find anything, even if I shoved it up his ass."
Despite Cactus's previous statement, him and Jake are still recording albums, and have gotten the vocal and bass parts to Runtime Error's reunion album, the joys of living with squid, mostly finished. A few guitar parts have been recorded, but Jake says "Eifion is Rumtime Error's guitarist. Not me. These are just quick little recordings of what I'm going for."
Runtime Error are expected to reform sometime in 2009. "If Eifion doesn't want to reform by then, I'll have Jessica [Schleiden from The Brandon Lehman Project] do it. She's a great guitarist, much better then I'd ever hope to be."

01: "Crying in the Rain" (Coverdale) 6:00
02: "Aptitude for Love" (Adjutant) 4:35
03: "Wet Sock Rock" (Cactus) 2:15
04: "Swimming in a Puddle" (Adjutant) 3:20
05: "I Write the Shit" (Adjutant) 4:20
06: "Not Again" (Adjutant) 5:45
07: "The Ground" (Cactus) 2:55
08: "Touchin' the Rest" (Adjutant) 3:50
09: "Behind It" (Adjutant) 2:40
10: "The Rap" (Reagan) 3:25
Bonus Track: "Hope for a New Life." (Adjutant) 55:55
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PostSubject: Re: Lost Jake Adjutant album found ;-;   Thu Dec 18, 2008 5:49 pm

OMG i totally would buy it
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Lost Jake Adjutant album found ;-;
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