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 Runtime Error News, 11-27-08

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PostSubject: Runtime Error News, 11-27-08   Thu Nov 27, 2008 4:13 pm

From www.runtimeerror.com:

"In a recent interview, Runtime Error guitarist Steve Lukather stated "the band isn't getting along well any more. The fame went to our heads, and the songs we've attempted to write... they've been awful. Nowhere near the quailty of [former Runtime Error frontman] Jake Adjutant or [former Runtime Error guitarist] Eifion Lewis's solo work [and, in Eifion's case, work with Night Ranger]. I have a feeling that we need to disband and let the masters work together again.

"Jake's solo work has elevated him to a point where he's almost completely self-sufficient. He still has his buddy [and former Runtime Error bassist] Cactus with him, and he has a bit of help from [former Runtime Error drummer/bassist/keyboardist/saxophonist] Brandon Lehman in the songwriting department, but it's mostly him. He sends me free copies of his records, and they're all great. It's like Runtime Error to the max, with all the swearing and etc. That's what Runtime Error is: tracks like Sea Men Rock. Not Hold the Line.

"Eifion's solo work and work with Night Ranger has also been excellent. The recent acoustic album was genius, as was [Night Ranger effort] The Hands of Time. They both spoke to me musically, and sounded like a Runtime Error demo where Jake was sick or something.

"Face it: Runtime Error's not the same without Jake's feral growls and Glam-tastic vocal-work, Eifion's creamy riffs and clean soloing, Brandon's remarkable and soulful drumming, and Cactus's groovy bass lines. We need another record like The Rise and Fall of Stevo Fisher and His Friendly Lamp Post, or Right in the Nuts. Not another self-titled.

"Jake and Cactus've already expressed interest in a Runtime Error reunion, and Brandon says 'it probably wouldn't be much different [than what we're doing now] because I'm writing half of Jake's songs', but Eifion refuses to do it."

Jake Adjutant was later interviewed, and this is what he had to say: "Well, that [a reunion]'s the dream. I have some great ideas that I can't do myself, because I'm more of a pointless shredder than a soulful guitarist. Sure, I've Gone had a sexy riff, but it was a one-off thing. I mostly rely on random solo fills and such, whereas Eifion can actually write riffs. I just improvise.

"I've already got the album artwork for the reunion album penned. It's called 'the joys of living with squid'. It has all four of us on the cover. It's really cool. Some songs have been written, partially, but I cant get them together without Eifi. I hope he comes around soon. I'm kind of rooting for '09.

"Of course, if he ever wants it, Steve [Lukather] will always have a place in the band. He's a good friend and a great guitarist. Kevin Repp would be a good choice for drummer, so Brandon can be bass along with Cactus, but his incarceration's a huge problem."

Brandon and Cactus were unvailable for comment."

Imagine the possibilities if this goes through! "Hold the Line '09", anyone?
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PostSubject: Re: Runtime Error News, 11-27-08   Fri Nov 28, 2008 1:53 am

I'm not refusing, I'm just busy with this supergroup project. Maybe after touring it for a while................

EDIT: I thought the latest Runtime Error album, Hydra, was pretty good Neutral
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Runtime Error News, 11-27-08
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