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 Eifion: The Game plot

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PostSubject: Eifion: The Game plot   Fri Nov 14, 2008 5:06 am

before the game begins the five orphan families lived in their five orphan worlds in harmony their lives were happy and peaceful until the day a german guy broke the rules gustav was an unpleasant creature that the orphans were never too fond of and in return gustav resented the happy orphan families more than anything he detested their beautiful shiny prouds which were not only nice to look at but showed him reflections of his own ugly face every time he did so gustav became such a problem that he was banished to the orphan junkyard the world that the orphans werent too fond of but they didnt see how well it would suit gustav it suited gustav just fine he renamed it gustavs world as soon as he got there and overtook german guy cove and super cool harbour he also built his home there as well as an industrial settlement which he would later keep all of the stolen seminal fluid gustav began to fool around with magic spells there and after a while he hit on the two he wanted a giant spell to trap all orphans in shit as well as a potion to animate the radiant basket balls and turn them into an army of german guy soldiers and flying porcupines with guns on a nice sunny day when the game begins gustav cast the shit spell he had been working on after he heard what the orphans had been saying about him on a video documentary they had called him ugly and not that cool as well as no threat to the orphan kingdom the spell trapped all the orphans in shit halfway through the filming of their documentary he turned all the basket balls he could find into his willing minions he even began turning the orphan worlds into his own nasty skank master land and thought everything was going so well but the one little detail he didnt count on was eifion eifion was so cool that the spell shot straight over his head now eifion the only one not trapped in shit must travel the six worlds including gustavs deformed industrial world releasing all the orphans and collecting the stolen seminal fluid in the meantime gustavs army of minions transformed from the orphans basket balls are doing their best to stop him as eifion releases the trapped orphans along the way they return a favour by giving him hints and tips up until the final conflict where eifion must do battle with gustav

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Eifion: The Game plot
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