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 Taste of Chaos 2008

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PostSubject: Taste of Chaos 2008   Fri Oct 31, 2008 5:54 am

Last Night I went to the 2008 Rockstar Taste of Chaos at Manchester and here's a brief review of the bands who played

HORSE the band: These were bloody mental and impressive even though I never heard a lot of there songs....only songs like Bunnies and New York City but the Keyboardist was like the crazist headbanger of the lot and the vocalist looks like Mario but who can scream and sing impressively. There were a few mosh pits building up which was cool. The bassist did an amazing off-the-wall jump, the drummer was hammering the snare drum like a madman and the guitarist did a lot of galloping notes with a few cool riffs and licks. Nintendocore officially rules

MUCC: Even though I didn't understand the lyrics in Japanese but when they played Fuzz everyone shouted the lyric "Wh-Whoa!" and these were a impressive performance. During Fuzz they used a double bass and was used amazingly. The Guitarist played some chords but then played some amazing riffs and unqiue solos which was amazing. The Vocalist sounded a bit like Korn vocalist Johnathan Davis and did a lot of soft singing followed by some cool screaming. These was great that I even bought there album "Shion" at the merch centre.

As I Lay Dying: Again, even I know I never heard of them a lot and heard a few of there songs. They were *censor* awesome. They did impressive performances of Nothing Left, 94 Hours, Within Destruction, Forever. They were really agressive mosh pits during thier performance which caugh me by suprise with the way they are pushing through the audience lol. But again, They were great guys and the drummer threw some of his drumsticks to the audience

Story of the Year: At first, when I heard of Story of the Year I thought they were crap etc but when they played, They suprised me amazingly. They were a few songs that everyone started singing the chorus to which was impressive. They suprised more when they even created mosh pits through thier music. I liked it and it was good performance.

Atreyu: This was the biggest and best performance of the night from the headliners, Atreyu. They started the performances by coming on stage with the use of the A-Team theme which was hilarious and cool. The first song that they started playing was Doomsday which was a good performance of. They also played songs from Lead Sails Paper Anchor such Blow which was bloody sick, Falling Down was impressive and a big sing-a-long with the fans, Becoming the Bull was a great moshing song with the fans that I almost got pushed into a mosh piit during the song and When Two Are One was bloody the best performance they played with a song from Lead Sails Paper Anchor. They also played some of thier old songs like Ex's and Oh's which was the sick solo performances of Dan Jacobs and Travis Miguel, Bleeding Mascara was a quick and cray mosh pit song but also a amazing sing-along of the chorus, Right Side of the Bed was also a sick performance and the amazing vocal team up of Alex Varkatzas and Brandon Sellor. They finished the performance with Lip Gloss and Black from thier first album but the when Alex told us to kneel.....he told us to shout "Fuck Yeah!!" if we kneeled but if someone didn't we shouted "Fuck You!" at them and then became a huge mosh pit and got pushed around a lot and even had a falling crowd surfer on my head but didn't hurt. But the performances had also a lot of crowd surfing which was cool. This was the amazing finish to a long and amazing night.

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PostSubject: Re: Taste of Chaos 2008   Fri Oct 31, 2008 6:03 am

english essay result

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PostSubject: Re: Taste of Chaos 2008   Fri Oct 31, 2008 6:05 am

Thats pretty awesome. This makes me jealousy that my nearest ToC gig is over 200 miles away, and happened about a fortnight ago.
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PostSubject: Re: Taste of Chaos 2008   

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Taste of Chaos 2008
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