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 ALBUM REVIEWS: Falling Into Obscurity.

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PostSubject: ALBUM REVIEWS: Falling Into Obscurity.   Sun Oct 05, 2008 1:44 pm

The almost forgotten member of Runtime Error's original lineup, Joey Cosentino, is releasing his Third solo album. Falling Into Obscurity has an action packed song listing and features songs co-written by many of Svart's influences and favorite musicians, such as Matthew Bellamy, Santana, Eric Johnson, John Frusciante, and many members of the band Dream Theater.

Because of the musical variety of his fellow musicians, every song on the album sounds completely different. The seemingly only constant between songs is the low baritone of Cosentino's powerful voice, enhanced by various background singers based on the song.

The only single from the album, "Rough", is the perfect combination of acoustic jangle and wah-wah shred, combining Svart's extensive chord knowledge and Santana's latin guitar riffs. Jacob Adjutant, has said that "[Runtime Error] will be covering that song soon" in a press release.

Although the album contains only six songs, it packs a wallop near the end of the album, ending with the jam epic "(Stick 'Em) In a Meat Grinder", which features shred from all of the historic musicians included in the album. The instrumental song has been predicted by Dr. Kurt Hemlich of the German Musical College to be "the Eruption [by Van Halen] of our time, influencing countless thousands of present musicians to stop playing the crap they are now and grow up. Specifically that hot young girl Hannah Montana. I mean, yeah, she's pretty hot, and I dream of her every night, and I imagine what our children would look like, but her music needs an age adjustment. But I really like what she looks like at her current age."

Bellamy is creditted with writing the lyrics to all the songs, and he admitted, in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, that he purposely included political metaphors and impending doom warnings in every song: "From one liberal to another, heh."

Here's the track listing:
1. "Micro Black Hole." 4:08 (Svart, Bellamy)
2. "Rough." 5:46 (Svart, Santana)
3. "Please, Stop." 3:45 (Svart, Frusciante)
4. "Atlanta." 6:02 (Svart, Johnson)
5. "Metropolis, Pt. 3." 11:34 (Svart, Portnoy, Petrucci)
6. "(Stick 'Em) In a Meat Grinder" 15:00 (Svart, Bellamy, Santana, Frusciante, Johnson, Petrucci, Portnoy).

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ALBUM REVIEWS: Falling Into Obscurity.
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