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PostSubject: JAKE ADJUTANT SOLO ALBUM   Fri Oct 03, 2008 1:16 pm

Today, on 10-3-08, Jake Adjutant released his latest solo album, i released this by myself.

Here is a rundown of the album and it's tracks.

01: "Send in My Lunch" (Adjutant) 3:27

SIML is a ballad in the vein of Skid Row's "I Remember You". Jake is trying to get his mom to give him his lunch, and, as such, is very annoyed. The excellent guitar riff ends up cascading into a wonderous One-Man Jam solo at around 2:58, ending with Jake screaming "GIVE ME MY LUNCH, 'HO!!!".

02: "Shine My Lunch" (Adjutant) 0:52

This is a day at school, where a kid bumps into Jake, causing him to drop his lunchbox on the floor, to which Jake replies "CONTROL", and forces him to make his lunch shine. This is an acapella song.

03: "One-Man Jam Jam" (Adjutant) 9:57

All this track is is no frills One-Man Jam soloing.

04: "No One Else" (Adjutant) 2:13

This track has Jake singing to his friends about how "no one else" (i.e. no one in their right mind) would have asked him out, and how he's thankful for actually acquiring a girlfriend. It's quite Glam Metal-y, culminating in an epic outro solo, played on acoustic guitar.

05: "Life. Of Solidarity" (Adjutant) 6:18

Displaying his range, Jake boldly does what no Glam-fusion artist has ever done before (forget the fact that he's the only one), and makes a giant Punk Rock song, with standard Punk vocals and power chords, but with some Glam soling thrown in, to appeal to his style.

06: "Once More!" (Adjutant) 7:48

This is a song about how every time he says something funny in school, everyone has him repeat it loads, which really shows in the Death Metal growls and screaming, culminating in a three-minute One-Man Jam solo.

07: "One Another" (Adjutant) 8:56

This is more of a show tune than anything. The most Can-Canable song in existance, definately. The groove factor definately owes a lot to Brandon Lehman, a fellow Runtime Error member, but this track shows how much Jake has grown since Bad Boy.

08: "Go It" (Adjutant) 11:18

This track features Jake saying "go it" over and over for eleven minutes in different pitches and rhythms, plus erratic guitar riffs and scales, with cymbal crashes thrown in for good measure. This song will be the test of a true Adjutant fan.

09: "Chair" (Adjutant) 17:47

The best song to compare this song to would be Whitesnake's "Here I Go Again '87", what with the slow intro building up into a rockin' chorus and ending. This is definately a good thing, and it in no way sounds like a rip-off.

10: "My Mom is Hotter Than Your Mom" (Adjutant, Buckler) 25:42

This track shows off how Jake can slap a guitar riff behind literally ANYTHING. The lyrics alone look like a Pop song from Hell, but Jake took it and put in high-hat crashes, guitar riffs that really don't belong, solo fills, and One-Man Jam squeals and drum fills.

Bonus Track: "Helpful Dairy" (Adjutant, Buckler, Kennedy, Lehman) 57:57

Originally intended to be a Runtime Error song, Jake screams about how helpful dairy products are, whilst playing cascading scales and solo fills and hitting the high-hats with the guitar-head. One would think an hour of this would get boring and repetitive, but it doesn't, as Jake mixes up his tone, lyrics, tuning, amp settings, instrument, riffs and solo fills every ten seconds or so, culminating in the most epic song ever written, ever.
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