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 BREAKING NEWS: Jake Adjutant and Kevin Repp release new EP.

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PostSubject: BREAKING NEWS: Jake Adjutant and Kevin Repp release new EP.   Sat Sep 13, 2008 9:09 am

On this day, 9-14-08, Jake Adjutant and Kevin Repp have released a new EP, in which they play four songs. Jake Adjutant is on lead vocals and lead guitars, and Kevin Repp is on drums and vocals.

Jake Adjutant and Kevin Repp's EP, "Where Has the Time Gone".

The first track, "Where Has the Time Gone", is a track in which Adjutant and Repp profess how much they miss the '70s and '80s, where they were all playing music together on huge stages. It features Adjutant and Repp singing to eachother during verses, and singing together during the chorus, giving the sense of an epic ballad, with super-cool Glam Metal soloing thrown in.

The second track, "Please, Baby, Please", shows how much they want to be playing with eachother again. Adjutant ends up deciding to kick Joey Cosentino, the only member of Runtime Error who doesn't like Repp, out of the band until he learns self-control. More Glam Metal soloing is present.

The third track, a cover of Skid Row's "I Remember You", is essentially the same song, but with Adjutant's vocals and an extended guitar solo.

The final track, a cover of The Police's "Don't Stand so Close to Me", really brings out the all-purposeness of the song. This song can be used for any situation ever. Weddings, barmitzvas, graduations, parties, Christmas... the list is endless.

All in all, "Where Has the Time Gone" is an incredible EP and should not be missed by Runtime Error fans.

Adjutant and Repp recording "Where Has the Time Gone".
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BREAKING NEWS: Jake Adjutant and Kevin Repp release new EP.
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