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Ah, a Jinz
oh hey eric clapton whatre you doing 1100 feet in the air

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PostSubject: ALBUM ANNIVERSARY: "Stevo Fisher"   Mon Sep 01, 2008 1:37 pm

Runtime Error's 8th Studio album, and their first shot at a Concept Album, "The Rise and Fall of Stevo Fisher and his Friendly Lamp Post" is widely considered a fan favorite. Today marks the one month anniversary of Stevo Fisher. The album tells the story of Stevo Fisher, a webmaster for a forum about Mustaches, that explodes with activity in a little amount of time. He then becomes famous and travels the world talking about good Forum Management. During his travels, he encounters a talking lamp post (voiced by James Earl Jones). When his original forum dies, Fisher can't cope and commits suicide, passing control of the forum to Mr. Lamp Post. The story ends on a good note when Mr. Lamp Post fixes the forum by making it about Taylor Swift.

Track Listing:
01 Stevo Fisher (5:00) [Adjutant, Lewis]
02 Fuzzy Face (3:12) [Lehman, Adjutant]
03 The Greatest Webmaster (4:45) [Cosentino]
04 Talk to Me, Man (1:39) [Lehman]
05 Electronic Victory (5:01) [Lewis, Cosentino]
05 World Traveler (3:54) [Cosentino, Lehman]
06 Mr. Lamp Post (4:24) [Adjutant, Jones]
07 Love Literary/Shine Your Light (7:30) [Adjutant, Cosentino, Lewis, Lehman]
08 Where Did They Go (1:57) [Cosentino]
09 Stevo Fisher Reprise (6:40) [Adjutant, Lewis, Cosentino, Lehman, Wentz]
10 Southern Girl (3:45) [Lewis, Swift]
11 Hallelujah Chorus (10:34) [Handel]

Bolded Tracks indicate Singles.

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PostSubject: Re: ALBUM ANNIVERSARY: "Stevo Fisher"   Tue Sep 02, 2008 12:56 pm

i am just a friendly lamp post, oh yes i aaaaammm! (oh yes he iiiis)
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